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Where's My Reset Switch

Now more than ever before people are tuned into the fragility of existence. People are frightened and people are anxious. If we think about it, how can we not be? The multi-headed attack from terrorism, economics, politics, and media is like a fear cluster bomb designed to dive deep into your emotions and mix them up. One day we read about this despot leader wanting to launch nuclear missiles, the next we read about how […]

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Tesla Blog 1

The Tesla Type X Feels Like Standing Alone In A Field, Content And Dreamy On A Fine Summers Day

Over the Weekend my future Nephew in Law and his Dad (my soon to be best man) and I, went to try on our Tail Coats for my upcoming wedding. These two blokes are two of the nicest guys I know. I’d really been looking forwards to this morning, partially because of the suits, but mainly because I knew that in a few minutes I would be picked up in Andrew’s new Tesla Model X. […]

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