Managed Print Service

AW Digital flexible Managed Print Services contracts reduce printing costs, frees up capital and eliminates the burden that comes with supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure as well as giving you visibility and control on the true environmental impact of your business. 

Save Money & Boost Productivity

1. Monitor devices low on toner or requiring
technical assistance at a glance

2. Analyse trends and patterns to identify opportunities
for better efficiency

3. Make informed decisions regarding your
print infrastructure

4. Identify opportunities to remove devices that are not
being used, or where additional devices may be needed
to handle the volume of printing

5. Easily identify which devices are due for replacement,
so that you can account for in your budget ahead of time

Gain Visibility of Print Activity & Costs

Analyse your printing costs and optimise your budget and print

Reduce or eliminate unnecessary print infrastructure so you can

Eliminate the hidden costs associated with managing your printing infrastructure

Security Control Over Device & Data

1. Print authentication,

2. Hard drive security features and

3. Complete life cycle device management services to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements.

Reduce Waste & Power Consumption

1. Reduce the energy consumption,

2. Reduce waste and environmental emissions

3. Monitor your environmental performance to help meet your sustainability goals.