Owner / Founder


AW Digital (AW Computers Ltd) was the brain-child of our founder Jason Amos whose journey began in 1991 when John Walker, Jason’s stepfather purchased his first Cash Converters franchise in Coventry. This was the only the 3rd Cash Converters store in the UK at that time. In 1992 Cash Converters provided it’s UK operation with an in-house software system to facilitate the buying and selling of goods, as well as loans through the Pawnbroking side of its business.

Working with his Stepfather at his new store, Jason felt that the software could be significantly improved. Having recently completed a degree in Computer Science at Sussex University, Jason pitched a new software system to Cash Converters who took up his proposal which resulted in the founding of AW Computers (UK) Ltd in 1992.

As new Cash Converters franchisees joined the network they rolled onto AW’s remote support contract. In 2000 Cash Converters developed a new system for buying and selling goods which AW Computers was asked to support. Since then AW Computers (now re-branded as AW Digital) has supported 240 cash converters stores across the UK helping Cash Converters franchisees to focus on running successful stores whilst we take care of their IT challenges.

Fast forward to 2017, AW Digital continues to work as a valued IT support agency with the Cash Converters operation, as well as other franchised retail organisations. Its depth of experience spanning over 25 years has led to an enviably deep understanding of how to remotely support franchisees as a business critical remote technology support partner.