Remote Server Monitoring

Some of the most essential business systems are the ones you don’t even notice until they’re not working – like a server. Our monitoring and maintenance services means we can anticipate problems ahead of time, and keep your franchise running smoothly.

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Your server is absolutely business critical. Whether each of your franchisees has one at their location, or your entire franchise network is connected to a central server, failures can have a huge impact on the ability to conduct your day-to-day business. At worst, it can knock an entire network out of action.

Making sure servers are up and running healthily is one of those essential background processes – many struggle to find the resources to dedicate to it properly, but it can’t be neglected. That’s why we provide remote server monitoring for our clients – we focus on keeping things running smoothly, while you focus on your franchise.

Your franchisees will depend on you for the technology they need to run their location, and will expect it to be reliable, with any issues dealt with as soon as possible. As a franchisor, on the other hand, dealing with tech support enquiries from your franchisees can take up a great deal of time.

By continuously monitoring the status of our clients’ servers, we can alert our support teams if servers fail, providing maintenance assistance to get things back on track as quickly as possible. We can also spot servers that look like they may fail, allowing us to take preventative steps – this means we can sometimes fix issues before our clients even know they’re there!

This peace of mind is important for franchisors – with so many locations relying on a solid IT infrastructure to be able to do business, it certainly helps to know that someone has everything covered, and can get you back up and running again should the worst happen.

Our 25 years of experience in providing IT support means we’re able to fix problems quickly and effectively, and will always take steps to anticipate problems, supporting you with server upgrades when needed.

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