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Our Best Selling

We know two brands are never the same, so we get to know what matters to you and your business. We like to think of ourselves as an invisible IT department for your business network. It all starts with a conversation. 


Technology is the pulse of any contemporary business. It’s part of every system your business touch. As a busy manager or CEO, we know that receiving calls from frustrated colleague when technology fails is not how you want to spend your time, even if you had any to spare. We take care of the headaches for you so that you can focus on recruiting and nurturing your network.

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Supportive Services

Tailored IT Leasing Services

We can help you achieve the following with our flexible and tailored plans

• Fixed Monthly Payments
• 100% Tax Efficient
• Latest Technology Refresh Every 2/3 years
• Low Maintenance Costs

IT Support

Outsourcing your IT support will provide a premium service at a fraction of the cost of doing it all in-house but more importantly free up your time.


• Experienced Remote & Onsite Support
• Bespoke Software Management
• Education & Providing Customer Satisfaction
• Helping to Reduce Cost & Increase Productivity

IT Security Services

We tailor a service to provide maximum protection from cyber threats that is robust for your business and provides a quick and efficient response to suspected breaches.

• Ensure Safe Data Processing
• Protect Against Hacks and Virus
• Defend From Critical Attacks

IT Recycle & Disposal Service

With our IT recycling and disposal service, we can support your business end-to-end through the entire IT asset lifecycle.

• Be Compliant with WEEE Legislation
• Environmentally Sound
• Economical

Managed Print Service

Reduce or eliminate unnecessary print infrastructure so you can achieve better, quantifiable return on investment

• Gain Visibility Of Print Activity & Cost
• Save Money & Boost Productivity
• Security Control Over Devices & Data
• Reduce Waste & Power Consumption


My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?

First check the computer’s power cord to make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket. If you are using an extended power lead, make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket and that the power switch on the power lead is turned on. Some power leads also have a built-in circuit breaker which usually looks like a black or red button near the power switch. Press the button to reset it and see if that solves the problem.

What do I do when my computer crashes?

There are many reasons why a computer may just stop working or “freeze”. Most of the time there little we can do about it. It is a fact of life that computer programs have become so complex that occasionally users will experience problems even when performing common tasks. When your computer no longer responds to keyboard commands your best option is to restart the computer.

I can’t delete a file because it is being used by Windows?

Close all programs running on the computer and try again. If after closing all programs running on the computer, you are still encountering the same issue when attempting to delete files.  Load the computer into Safe Mode and delete the files.

How can I recover a file from the recycle bin?

Double click the recycle bin icon on your desktop, here you will see all of the files within your bin. Select the files you wish to recover, right click and choose restore.

I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?

Thankfully a missing printer installation disk or disc is not the end of the world and will not require you to wait until a new diskette or CD can be sent to you. Today all printer and other hardware manufacturers are providing downloads on the Internet to their software programs and drivers that are included with their products.

If I format or erase my hard drive will it remove a virus?

If your computer is infected with a virus formatting or erasing the hard disk drive and starting over will almost always remove any type of virus. However, keep in mind if backups have been made that contain the virus, other media or drives connected to the computer have a virus, your computer is connected to another computer on a network with a virus, and/or the virus is stored on some other type of software you use with your computer it can become re-infected if not properly protected.

Darren Bolino

“Everyone at AW Digital is cool, I often ring, they are all helpful and always get me an answer. Could not do without them.” They installed all our hardware including our EPOS systems, desktop computers and printers. We would highly recommend them.

Faye Hewitt

Stuart and the AW Digital team did a great job helping us with our IT systems upgrade. He also helped us setup our Cloud storage and Software security on all our machines. We highly recommend them

Adam Wilson

“Capital Cash Ltd, one of the largest franchisees worldwide has relied on AW Digital for our IT installations and the support for our 25 stores EPOS systems for longer than we care to remember!  Their knowledge and professionalism help us to concentrate on what we do best – running our business.” Capital Cash Ltd