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The Tesla Type X Feels Like Standing Alone In A Field, Content And Dreamy On A Fine Summers Day

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Over the Weekend my future Nephew in Law and his Dad (my soon to be best man) and I, went to try on our Tail Coats for my upcoming wedding. These two blokes are two of the nicest guys I know.

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I’d really been looking forwards to this morning, partially because of the suits, but mainly because I knew that in a few minutes I would be picked up in Andrew’s new Tesla Model X.
Like any boy, I am and always will be mad about cars.
By the way, Andrew is the founder of iCandy Apps and the creator of the Night Sky app, he’s also my Fiancee’s nephew, and recently he decided to take the plunge and buy one of the most ground breaking vehicles ever conceived.

Humming along in my Nephew in Law’s sparkling new Tesla X Type, I got it, combustion engine cars are obsolete they just don’t know it yet.
The first thing that got me when I had climbed in and finished watching my door automatically close was the truly breathtaking view.

You felt like you were in the cockpit of a private jet, not a car (not that I have ever been in a private jet but I imagine it would have felt like this).
The amount of light that this car gulped in which flooded every crevice of the cabin was just unbelievable.

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I’d never experienced anything like it, in any car before.

I felt like I was standing alone in a field, dreamy and content on a fine summers day.

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Tesla has created the biggest windscreen I have ever experienced for the Tesla Model X. If you look 90 degrees up, all you see is clouds, whats more the glass looks like it’s polarised so you don’t just see clouds you see UHD clouds it’s incredible.
The next thing I didn’t notice was the noise or should I say the distinct lack of it!

The hum of the super efficient electric engine is barely audible over the road noise and it’s actually hypnotically comforting.
It actually makes you feel more relaxed, and because of this, you’re able to focus on what’s around you and take in the visual surround experience happening around you.
The interior is clean with an absence of fuss and bling. The deliberate excommunication of buttons is absolutely exquisite. I couldn’t see 1, honestly not even 1.
Gone are the normal array of buttons you will always find in high-end BMW’s and Audi, replaced with this utterly delicious and stunning slab of huge touch screen panel which looks bigger and crisper than an iPad Pro.

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This doing-away with buttons and clutter further enhances the mobile spa like quality of the user experience.
It’s bloody marvellous, the finish of the interior is beautiful.
The taught white faux leather complements the dark brushed grey material of the dashboard with all of the textures feeling and looking very high end.
Now onto the outside, when you first see the falcon wing doors open and close it really is a moment.

They don’t just pivot at the main hinges attaching them to the body of the car, they pivot half way down the door too so it really looks like a mechanism out of a sci-fi movie.
The other thing is that they are huge, but because of the clever design it doesn’t make them cumbersome because the horizontal footprint is minuscule.

Most of the heft moves upwards, exposing the rear interior of the car so that there is absolutely no obstruction to entry or exit. For parents this I imagine would be a total joy.
Driving my diesel car over the Weekend was really weird.

Tesla Blog 5

It felt like I had gone back to the past, it seemed dark, noisy and cramped which aren’t the adjectives one normally associates with an Audi Allroad estate but there it was and this is how I was feeling 🙁

I still love my car, but I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t say I loved the Model X more, and if I could afford one, I would have one.

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The thing is, it’s not just a sexy toy for the rich, it’s a complete rethinking of the motor vehicle which has squeezed every drop of contemporary knowledge, know how and smart thinking into the design and rationale of this exceptionally beautiful, practical and super expensive super car.

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