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Where's My Reset Switch

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Now more than ever before people are tuned into the fragility of existence. People are frightened and people are anxious. If we think about it, how can we not be? The multi-headed attack from terrorism, economics, politics, and media is like a fear cluster bomb designed to dive deep into your emotions and mix them up.

One day we read about this despot leader wanting to launch nuclear missiles, the next we read about how the worlds most powerful leader is prepared to launch them back. Is it any wonder we’re wrung out? There has to be a way we can create a psychological life raft to sail light and nimble on the crests of these woeful waves.

I have never seen anything like it and to be honest, it scares me. The World looks screwed up, doesn’t it? Vans, mowing down people like they’re grass. It sickening. How on earth are we supposed to get on with life, with all of this happening all around us and what do our kids and Grand-kids have to look forward to. Our instincts are to block it out. In fact, we’ve seen so much of it, it’s become the background music to our lives and in our constantly connected lives it’s like tinnitus.

So this morning, I have an idea. I am going to do something kind and help someone. In fact, to get to brass tacks, I’m going to make some chicken curry and rice. Then I’m going to decant said chicken curry and rice into foil tins and find some homeless people to give it to in central Birmingham.

I can’t help thinking that one of the best ways for me to fight back against this avalanche of hate is to try to give something back. Not in a detached, Direct Debit way, but actually see, feel and smell the humanity. Give back in person. I’ve done this before and it was drinking the gratitude, and watching the relief that for me was momentarily life-changing.

Sometime’s when you’re running the race, you have to stop, about turn and walk off the track. Sometimes it’s vital to ignore the umpire. We’re important you and I. But so’s that man who’s sleeping on his own, freezing cold and hungry, wondering if the World’s forgotten him.

I think our reset switch when pressed clears much of the fear, much of the anxiety, much of the sinister trepidation. Your friends, family and a great therapist take care of the rest if you let them. Something is telling me that reset switch is Love. The trouble is today we’re so busy we forget we need rebooting, and we forget the reset switch even exists.

I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s only worth running the race if you know why you’re running it. I’m no saint, but I have a heart just like you and just like him. That heart needs feeding, just like yours, just like his. Then when I fire up my Mac on Monday and start the race again, I intend to win and so will my team.

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